Hi I'm Ian. I'm truly not sure how you found this blog, because I barely understand how it's on the public internet in the first place. But since you're here, I can tell you about what you might find if you click around.

Sometimes I write stuff down that I want to remember. Occasionally it's stuff other people might want to remember or learn too. Usually I add said stuff on Github, but I thought this blog would make it look nicer and easier to find.

Mostly my notes are related to my job, which is software/data engineering focusing on analytics and machine learning. I also have a raspberry pi and find internet security/privacy interesting, so I might post about those things too. My background is in environmental engineering which I should write about but haven't yet.

Aside from boring computer things, I love rock climbing, cycling, running, backpacking, and hiking. I also love fixing bikes. I probably won't post about any of these things because I will be using my time to do these things instead of writing about them. But you never know!

Also, as you might have guessed by the url of this blog, there is a companion website at ianmyjer.com. Unlike this blog, which looks kinda nice, ianmyjer dot com is an ugly, crappy webapp I made to learn flask. But you can click on the link if you want!